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Featured Product: Fridge-It Odor Absorbers.

Finding the five top ways to  get rid of smells and eliminate odors is no easy task.  Odors can come in all types and odor levels.  Look for underlying odor reasons and focus in to find out what is causing the odor.  Plan strategy to the remove odor quickly, either through odor removal that absorbs  and traps the odor or add a scent to cover the odor and make it smell  better, so the odor is masked with another scent.

There five top ways to eliminate odor. The best solution will depend on what is causing the smell or offensive odor and determine what is causing or has caused the odor to present itself. There are odor removing products that can pull the smells out of air.  Other products replace the smell with a different smell.  Some products sprays  and other products pull the moisture out of the air to reduce the dampness and odor.  Other products spray on  to cover the odor and works with the fabric fiber or carpet to freshen the fiber and release the odor trapped.

Here are the top five options for odor and smell removal:

1: Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber: This is natural  fragrance free way for quick and lasting odor solution : Activated Charcoal filters such as Fridge It  www.fridgeit.com or Innofresh odor eliminators www.innofresh.com  work well.

Activated Carbon or Charcoal uses odor absorption in the form of activated charcoal, trapped in the smell out of the air,.  This would be the choice for use for odor refrigerators, freezers, sneakers, autos, RV's , closets, basements, laundry rooms and trash, foot odor, pet odor and litter box odor.

 2: Air fresheners: Used to mask the odor.  Products such as Visor Fresh  Air Freshener or other scented air fresheners that infuse certain pleasant smell into cars, tucks, boats or bathrooms.

3: Air freshening sprays: Glade or Ecco Mist are air fresheners which is a spray to mask the odors in the bathroom, some have become more eco friendly and is more of a natural way than the old sprays of the past.

4: Moisture absorbers: Such as Damp Rid which does a good job of pulling moisture out of the air thus reducing the musty smell factor in a damp room or basement.

5:  Spray on fabric fresheners:  Such as Febreze, this fabric freshener attaches to the fabric which changes  the smell on any material including fabric, cloths and carpet.

The best option when it comes to odors is to remove the odor and eliminate the odor instead of trying to mask them .  Look at labels to see if the product is non toxic and  will cannot spill, stain or cause a mess. Be sure to check that it is non flammable.  If you are looking for a product that traps and eliminates odors from food spill, pets and musty odors,  be sure it is done without adding overpowering fragrances, that may case irritation, especially if you have allergies.  Check to see how long the odor remover or odor eliminator will work when you want to remove odor ongoing .  Check out the Products Featured Tab or Buy Now tab for links to products you can purchase.Featured Product: Fridge-It Odor Absorbers.

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